Web App API +2
18 August 2023


This release introduces several important updates and improvements to enhance the functionality and user experience of our platform. We have added an external burner app for emergency situations, updated our documentation with the latest APIs, and improved the generation of NFT pictures for better error handling.

New Features

  • External Burner App: We have released of our new external burner tool, named Burner and available at the address https://burner.fabrica.land. This app serves as an "emergency hatch" feature, providing users with a convenient way to burn their Fabrica tokens and off-ramp their properties from any version of our protocol. The Burner app has been designed to operate independently from our main app's infrastructure, ensuring its reliability even in critical situations.


  • Updated Documentation: In this release, we have made significant updates to our documentation available at https://docs.fabrica.land. The documentation now includes the latest APIs for easy reference. Users can explore the updated documentation to gain a comprehensive understanding of our platform's capabilities and seamlessly integrate it into their workflows.

  • Improved NFT Picture Generation: We have implemented enhancements in the generation of NFT pictures within our platform. Specifically the media server is able to handle correctly poorly formed NFTs, various errors as well as removed properties / burned tokens. This improvement enhances the overall visual experience and reliability for users while interacting with NFTs on our platform, marketplaces and other web3 applications.

What's Next?

With these updates in place, we aim to provide a more robust and seamless experience for all Fabrica users. The introduction of the external burner app empowers users with greater control over their tokens, while the improved documentation aids developers in integrating Fabrica seamlessly into their applications. Going forward, we will continue listening to user feedback and actively work towards further enhancing our platform's features and usability.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and improvements in upcoming releases!