Web App
25 July 2023

What's New?

Here are the key changes included in this release:

  • Properties with Offers Notification: We have introduced a helpful red notification "balloon" that appears on property cards associated with offers. This feature allows you to easily identify hot properties within your portfolio.

  • Enhanced Social Sharing: When sharing a user's profile or your own on social media platforms, an image will now be automatically generated. This image provides a comprehensive overview of all the properties at a glance on a map. It enables you to effectively showcase multiple properties simultaneously, attracting attention from potential buyers or collaborators. Or just brag about your land collection on Threads. Or Twitter X.

  • Improved "Buy Land" Performance: We have significantly optimized the performance of the "Buy Land" section. Now, opening and rendering this page is notably faster compared to previous versions. This enhancement ensures a smoother browsing experience while exploring available land options for purchase.

  • Prices on the map: Properties are now shown on the map (both in the "buy land" page and in user profile's) with their prices if they're for sale.

What's Next?

We're working on a larger feature now, so we might go silent for a little while...