Announcements Enhancements
Web App
17 February 2024


  • Revamped Profile Pages: Enhanced functionality on user profile pages for a more social and comprehensive experience. User profiles now show the history of operations performed, providing insights into strategies and opportunities. Profiles now link to Opensea and Etherscan pages for a broader user understanding.

  • Loan Visibility: Loan offers are now visible to all users, offering transparency on market values attributed by lenders to properties. Quick access to nftfi for sending loan offers on properties without existing ones.

  • Automated Off-Ramp Process: Simplified off-ramping of properties for owners, facilitating the transition from digital to legacy systems with automated document generation and electronic submission to county recorders.


  • Caching Improvements: Optimized caching for better bid handling.

  • Error Management: Enhanced error handling during property on-ramping in case of third-parties malfunctions.

  • Avatar Handling: Improved profile picture loading speed and error management.


  • Main Page Update: The buy page is now the main application page, focusing on showcasing properties for sale.

  • Operating Agreement Visibility: Property page now displays the version of the operating agreement in use directly, making it easier to see it at glance.

  • Floor Price Hiding: Removed floor price display in property sale modal to avoid confusion linked to NFT practices.

  • Performance Enhancements: More caching improvements in several pages.

These updates aim to provide a more intuitive and transparent experience for all users and starts showing social functionalities around user profiles. Expect more features and enhancements in that direction!