Web App
15 November 2023


We are head down building new exciting features and meanwhile we are also making sure you all get constant updates and improvements. This release introduce minor changes, but makes the whole app much faster!

Property Card Enhancements

  • Property cards now display the owners' information, specifically when the owner has an ENS (Ethereum Name Service) avatar. If you own land on Fabrica, make sure you setup your ENS domain with an avatar! This small but significant improvement allows land collectors to build their profiles and engage with other land owners. It's a first step toward creating a more social experience within our platform.

Improved Performance

  • We have refactored the architecture of our application to optimize its performance. As a result, the app is now significantly faster, providing you with a smoother and more enjoyable experience. This refactoring involved making better use of cache, which has led to reduced loading times and improved responsiveness.

  • This optimization process is an ongoing effort, as we strive to accommodate a larger audience on our platform. We are committed to ensuring that every user continues to have a fast and seamless experience.

Domain Update

  • We have migrated the Fabrica dApp to the domain https://app.fabrica.land while contextually phasing out the old legacy application that was still using the previous domain.

We hope you enjoy these updates and find them valuable. We are continuously working to enhance your experience on our platform, and we appreciate your ongoing support. Stay tuned for more exciting features and improvements in future releases.

Thank you for being a part of our journey!