Protocol NFT
20 October 2023


We are excited to announce the release of a new dashboard on Dune Analytics for the Fabrica protocol. This update offers users a comprehensive overview of the properties on our platform, their geographical distribution, statistics about property owners, and insights into the marketplace. The dashboard will continue to evolve over time as we add new charts and tables to provide even more valuable information.

Why this update?

Our aim with this update is to enhance transparency and improve user experience by providing easy access to important data. By offering a centralized location for key metrics and analytics, users can make more informed decisions regarding property investments on the Fabrica protocol.

What's new?

The new stats on the dashboard are based on our latest smart contract, which was released a few weeks ago. These stats give users an up-to-date picture of the Fabrica ecosystem, including details about property ownership and geographical distribution. It is important to note that these statistics do not provide any context on our historical transactions conducted using legacy smart contracts.

What's next?

As we continue to gather valuable feedback from our users, we plan to expand the dashboard further by adding new charts and tables in future updates. This will enable us to offer even more comprehensive insights into the Fabrica protocol, empowering users with data-driven decision-making capabilities.

To explore our new dashboard and gain access to these insightful metrics, please visit We hope this update enhances your experience on the Fabrica platform and helps you make informed investment decisions.