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30 June 2023

What's New:

  • Credit Card Payments: We have introduced a new feature that allows users to buy properties using their credit cards. This update aims to lower the barrier and friction for individuals who are not familiar with cryptocurrencies, making it easier for anyone to enjoy a new way of owning real estate. Currently, this feature is available for properties priced below $10,000. The experience is seamless and efficient - simply click on Buy with Card, enter your card details (or use Apple Pay), and within 30 seconds, you become the proud owner of a property!

  • Login by Email and Embedded Wallets: In order to cater to users who do not yet possess a crypto wallet, we have implemented the ability to login using your email address or social sign-in. Upon logging in, a wallet is automatically created and linked to your email address. Although these wallets, known as "embedded wallets," have certain limitations as they do not allow you to bring your NFTs to other web3 applications, they serve as the perfect solution if your primary objective is buying and selling properties within Fabrica. They are incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate and you'll always have the ability to transfer your assets over to a full fledged wallet when you'll be ready for it.

What This Means for You:

  • With the introduction of credit card payments, purchasing real estate through Fabrica has never been more accessible. Regardless of your familiarity with cryptocurrencies, you can now seize this opportunity effortlessly by utilizing your credit card.

  • The login by email feature coupled with embedded wallets eliminates the need for users to possess a separate crypto wallet before engaging with our application. This streamlines the user experience and removes any potential obstacles for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrencies.

What's Next:

We are continuously striving towards enhancing our platform's user-friendliness while maintaining the integrity and security of our services. In future updates, we plan to expand credit card payment options for properties with higher price points, ensuring an even broader reach for potential real estate owners. Moreover, we intend to explore opportunities to facilitate transactions directly connecting bank accounts for larger operations.

At Fabrica, our primary goal is to revolutionize real estate ownership and make it accessible to all. We are committed to delivering innovative features that simplify the process and empower every user to participate in this exciting venture. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our journey towards a seamless real estate experience!