Announcements Enhancements
Web App NFT
12 July 2023

New Feature:

  • Users can now place offers (aka Bids) on properties.

  • Offers are public and visible on the property pages.

  • When an offer is placed, the property owner receives an email notification to inform them about the offer.

  • If the owner accepts the offer, the deal closes within seconds, allowing the bidder to acquire the land and the seller to receive the proceeds.

  • No escrow agent or title professional was harmed.


  • The "Buy Land" page now loads faster than before. [and we have some serious speed booster in the pipeline to make it super snappy]

  • Added new traits to NFT. Traits show up on OpenSea and other marketplaces and allow you to filter and order properties by land use, zoning and gps coords.

  • We fine-tuned the zoom level of map used for NFTs, giving more context of the area where the property is located.